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Hagatha stands an impressive 27" tall. She is made of muslin and is wearing a stained shawl. Hand painted face with tiny rusty bell eyes. Here tall pointed witch hat covers her long grey hair.She is holding an old pumpkin and is antiqued in a primitive way Pattern by Hill Kountry Kreations.
$ 60.00

Spooky Ghost
Handmade sitting spooky ghost, with sunken black eyes. She wears a grunged up witch,s hat and holds an old banner that reads "SPOOKY". Accented with rusty bells and a crow on her shoulder. Pattern by The Old Glory Company
$ 40.00

Crow Witch
This old crow sits upon an old spindle. She is bedecked in a prim blouse and crow pattern dress. She is holding a pumpkin in her winged hands.Here handpainted face is accented with glass eyes and a pair of granny glasses complete her look. A tag reads "Olde Crow". She stands 21" tall
$ 45.00

Jack and Crow
Hanging Jack with Crow
$ 45.00

Bibbity Bobbity Boo Set
Bibbity, Bobbity and Boo is a set of witch mice. made of muslin and wearing black felt dresses and witch hats. They stand about 10" tall with bead eyes and flax whiskers. Pattern by Raven's Haven
$ 65.00

Cat with Candy Corn
A little handmade muslin cat stands in front of her candy corn. Button eyes and a rusty bell around her neck and dusted with cinnamon. Stands 9" tall Pattern by Sweet Meadow Farms
$ 20.00

Kitty Korn
Primitive Muslin cat with button eyes and rusty wire whiskers. She wears an orange witch's hat and holds a lil candy corn. 12" tall Pattern by Chestnut Junction
$ 25.00

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Skeleton Baby
This cute lil gal made of muslin wears a homespun purple dress. Hand painted face with hand stitched eyelids and ral wool hair. 10" tall. Pattern by Threadbare
$ 24.00

Book of Spells
$ 40.00

Constance Croaker
11" tall
$ 35.00

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Found 26 items, showing 1 to 10.    Next 10 Matches

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