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Prim witch holding broom and spellbook...pattern by soft in the head
$ 60.00

Scarecrow make-do on antique sewing bobbin.......pattern by Crabby Gabby
$ 45.00

Primitive witch...pattern by Soft in the head
$ 50.00

Trash mouth witch....pattern by CrabbyGabby
$ 43.00

Bibbity,Bobbity and Boo
Set of three charming witch mice.....pattern by the goode wife of washington county
$ 75.00

Baby Mummy
A cute baby mummy.........pattern by Threadbare Primitives
$ 24.00

Duncan the ghost
Duncan admires his cool jack-o-lantern head....pattern by the Goode wife of Washington County
$ 25.00

Witch Cat Doll
A Tennessee Ridge pattern features a Witchy Cat with her broom and a crow perched upon her tail
$ 30.00

Miss Gufetto
A very wise and witchy owl.......pattern by Goode Wife of Washington County
$ 25.00

Eleanor Higgins
A properly prim witch is Eleanor....pattern by the Goode Wife of Washington County
$ 30.00

Found 25 items, showing 1 to 10.    Next 10 Matches

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